An Artificial Intelligence + Robotics Creative Agency


We are a creative agency specialising in the realm of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We work with cutting-edge technology and world-leading talent to create culturally meaningful and emotionally resonant experiences.


Our core mission is to drive the conversation around embodied artificial intelligence and the harnessing of AI for the benefit of creators and their audiences. We believe that placing emergent technologies within popular culture is the best way to achieve this.


Our flagship project, ‘Desi’ is the creation of an AI popstar inhabiting a humanoid robot body, powered by SingularityNET and Hanson Robotics. Our aim is to create the world's first true AI celebrity; the Desi brand represents a remarkable example of the convergence between technology and the arts within the SingularityNET ecosystem.

This marks the beginning of our journey of harnessing emerging technologies to create engaging pop culture experiences.

Roadmap & Utility


Phase 1

  • Launch all social platforms
  • Grow our community
  • Website launch

Phase 2

  • Release Desi documentary
  • Single launch and music video
  • Fashion collaborations
  • Brand sponsorships

Phase 3

  • Desi enters the Metaverse
  • NFT launch
  • Launch Desi Radio
  • Mint your avatar
  • Begin solo album
  • Desi Fest

Phase 4

  • Enable DAO system for the community to have voting power on projects
  • Release Roadmap 2.0
  • Connect your mind